January 1, 2013
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All Loyal Voices Association, we make the connection and source aid for our children education.
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Mission Statement
All Loyal Voices Association’s mission is to serve as a support system for needy but studious high school entering  children,  by offering annual scholarships to five students from Alva, Higgins Land, Clydesdale, Stepney and Murray primary schools, in St Ann, Jamaica WI. We also continuously search and retain resources that provide moral and educational support.  Tracking and analyzing the progress of each recipient are also integrated in our mission and the opportunity for the reception of additional aid will also be seriously considered to ensure the completion of a solid high school education.
President's Roles & Responsibilities
As of December 2011
The President is the senior volunteer leader of ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION and serves to fulfill the intent and purpose of the organization. The President is the Chair of both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The President has general supervision of all business and affairs of the Association and gives direction and inertia to the formulation and achievement of the Associations philosophy, mission, and strategy, and goals. The President assures that the Association is making timely progress toward the fulfillment of its strategic plan.
As Chair of the Board of Directors, the President ensures that the Board of Directors fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION and implementation of its policies and procedures. The President is the main liaison between the Board and the senior management of the Association and works in partnership with the Executive Director to help the Executive Director achieve the mission of ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION.
The President serves as the primary spokesperson for the Association.
Key Responsibilities
The President will perform the following duties and responsibilities in addition to those duties, relationships, requirements, and expectations delineated in the position description for Board of Directors and Board Member:
Represent the Association and its members to other organizations, the industry, government and public agencies, the media, and the public
Develop relationships with key senior executives throughout the business community to maximize the awareness of ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION?s value and to maintain and increase sponsorship opportunitiesPreside at all meetings of the Members of the Association, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee
Ensure decisions are made in a timely manner and then translated in to meaningful actions holding appropriate parties accountable for success
Work with the Executive Director, Officers, and committee chairs to develop agendas for meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
Appoint all committee and task force chairs, except where otherwise stated in the Bylaws
Reflect any serious concerns the Executive Director has in regard to the role of the Board of Directors or individual Board members
Reflect to the Executive Director the concerns of the Board of Directors and other constituencies
Facilitate accomplishment of the Association?s strategic goals and objectives
Present to the Board of Directors an evaluation of the pace, direction, and organizational strength of the Association
Serve as the principal contact with the Executive Director and staffEstablish annual performance objectives for the Executive Director and prepare and conduct the annual performance review of the Executive Director
Traits of a Good PresidenA commitment to the Association's mission: This results in the proper allocation of time to provide the leadership, to help shepherd the Association, and to work with its, members, executive leaders and staff
The President should possess the ability to articulate ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION?s vision and drive the Association toward achievement of that visionGood organizational skills, intelligence business acumen and an advocate for the Association
Strong, decisive leader with excellent judgment and a willingness to take responsibility for the Association?s actionsThe President should be a good public speaker with the ability to facilitate communication with and among ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION?s stakeholders
Ability to communicate ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION?s key messages at Conferences, and through various media, including print, radio, and television
Flexibility, the President should lead the way toward openness to new ideas
The President should be supportive of the membership, staff and the board
Unbiased, the President should not confuse their own goals with those of the Association and its members
A good listener, the President should listen as much as talk and should seek out information from ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION?s stakeholders
Have a strong understanding and appreciation of the value of sponsors and their contributions to ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION
Ability to expand sponsorship base and contributions
Ability to bring people to consensus and translate the consensus into meaningful action
Capabilities & Experience
The President will likely be able to demonstrate the following capabilities and have experience in the following areas:
Currently an ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION member in good standing
Commitment to ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION mission, vision, and goals
Previous volunteer leadership or Board experience, strongly recommended
Strong record of participation in ALL LOYAL VOICES ASSOCIATION activities and programs
Served in a senior management position (past or present)
General business management knowledge and skills: finance & budgeting, planning, marketing and sales, management, international development, mergers and acquisitions, alliances, etc.
Interaction with senior executives at the C-Level
Ability to work effectively as a team member
Ability to lead and influence others
Strong communications skills, both oral and written
Exceptional integrity and work ethics
Experience in strategic planning, PR and the development of sponsorship opportunities
Knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges facing the business travel industry
Students from the five primary posing on receiving their scholarship benefits
Students from the five primary posing on receiving their scholarship benefits
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